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Why is a Sober Living Home a Good Idea?

A sober living home is a space where people can go to heal from addiction in recovery by gaining additional tools for daily living in a supported environment. There is accountability, group work, individual work, and space to get outside of the home to work, recreate, and stay clean and sober. Some people love the idea while others are uncertain what it entails. Find out why it might be a good idea to entertain sober living, how it works, and why it just might be the best idea you ever had.

How Sober Living Works

Sober living homes are essentially group homes for those in recovery from addiction. Though some are privately owned, others are owned by charities or businesses. Homes are located where it is quiet and away from chaos and noise. It helps the people inside rest and respond to their lives in a different way that is more peaceful. Rehab centers are a place where intensive recovery is experienced, including detox. People inside have less freedom to come and go while they work on their recovery, in sober living, it is about gaining tools to live outside of rehab and work in the community while staying sober. People with addiction may act out, relapse, or risk relapse, and struggle with family issues. This is all part of the journey of coming home to the self and finding a center point from which to grow and heal. 

Follow the Rules

One of the challenging parts of a sober living home is the rules. Nobody likes living under rules, especially in someone else’s house. However, there is a lot of healing work to do in learning how to live with rules, guidance, and structure. Living with chaos every day, like in active addiction, is in the past, violating rules can get a person fined or even kicked out of sober living. Many attempts may be made to salvage their experience but if they jeopardize the recovery of others, it may not be a safe space for anyone to live there while that person is staying in the home. The rules are there to create a structure for everyone to follow, so it is worth doing to follow them for the short time you are there to seek support. 

Making it Work

The reason a sober living home is a good idea is that it helps individuals straighten out their priorities. They get to shift their thinking into a different mode. They focus on their living situation as it helps them identify the cracks in their armor, so to speak. These areas need honing so they can develop skills to live on their own, stay sober, and not find themselves back in rehab or on drugs again. People in the community who keep you accountable are helpful and supportive, encouraging for your sobriety, and will be there for you, no matter what. Residents can get support from one another in the house and make new friends committed to sobriety. Although it not for everyone, those who make it work for them are more likely to maintain sobriety long term.

A Step in the Right Direction provides quality sober living for clients seeking support for addiction recovery. We teach people how to live a sober life through community building, accountability, and healthy living. Our sober living program is staffed by people who understand the power of addiction. For more information about sober living programs for men and women as well as recovery programs, call (818) 921-7132

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