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In California

Steps in the Right Direction provides luxurious pet friendly sober living homes for women and men within a safe and healing community designed for you to build a foundation for lasting recovery. Our sober living homes are located in the San Fernando Valley.

A Premiere Sober Living Community

Combining comfort and luxurious surroundings, Steps in the Right Direction sober living homes provide men and women with a healing setting with minimal distractions to focus on learning a new way of life, free of drugs and alcohol.

We don’t believe there is one path to recovery for everyone. We provide our clients with all forms of support, such as 12-Step meetings, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Mental Health programs, Co-occurring Disorder programs, Counseling, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to choose and build which recovery path works best for you. We accept Medically Assisted Treatments (MAT).

Our sober living homes are here to support you on your journey. We have live-in on-site management, random drug, and alcohol testing, weekly dinner and house meetings, empowering accountability, and personal responsibility.

“We believe in living life to its fullest and having fun. We love bringing our residents together for family dinners, sober events, and outings.”

Steps in the Right Direction is well-established, with over 23 years of experience helping individuals rebuild meaningful lives free from drug and alcohol abuse. For over two decades, we have been considered a leader at the forefront of developing the sober living model in the Los Angeles, California, region.

Once you are a part of Steps in the Right Direction, you can always depend on our community for support for the years to come.

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    Embracing Recovery Together: Steps in the Right Direction is Pet Friendly

    In the tradition of being at the forefront of the recovery community, Steps in the Right Direction was the first sober living to empower clients to bring their pets along to our homes.

    We recognize that your pets’ care and well-being as you transition from home or treatment to sober living is a top priority for you.

    We understand that their companionship and unconditional love play a vital role in your recovery journey.

    You are never alone with your pet by your side as you step into a new way of life free of drugs and alcohol.

    The compassion and emotional support your pet brings to your recovery experience fosters healing, joy, and a rich sense of purpose.

    As you navigate your recovery journey, we support your having your best friend by your side at Steps in the Right Direction.

    What Our Guests are Saying about Steps in the Right Direction

    Steps in the Right Direction, Women’s Sober Living Home provided me with a foundation for long-term recovery. The healing community of women and the structure within our sober living home kept me focused on staying sober. I appreciated the comfort and beautiful pet friendly setting at Steps in the Right Direction in such a way that I could focus my attention on my journey to lasting recovery along with my kitty, Bella.

    Deb M.

    I love this place! I loved it so much I stayed for 4 years. I am thankful this place gave me my life back. I still go over and visit. It is nice to get to know the new girls and spend time with them. It is so hard to find a place that’s like your home. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this beautiful place. Thank you!

    Flo A.

    Steps in the Right Direction it worked for me and it’ll work for you. It’s a safe comfortable homey environment with the owner Linda and amazing staff that will bend over backwards for you and work one on one with you. I lived there for 12 years with my dog Frankie in one of the cutest bedrooms. I learned so much, met so many great people, made a lot of good friends, and went places I had never been before. I had fun just staying at home in our backyard swimming or having a Barbecue. I could never give back what they’ve given me – my life, laughter, happiness, peace of mind, and love.

    Eileen L.

    I can’t tell you in words how amazing my life has changed since I’ve been here. If you need a safe place to stay clean and sober, this is it!

    Tamara U.

    Steps In The Right Direction was my saving grace. I was there for a total of two years. The house is beautiful and spacious and located in a safe neighborhood. My stay there was more than what I expected. I was given an opportunity to learn and grow in a safe place I was able to call home. The staff always went above and beyond. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent at a Step In The Right Direction.

    Cristina G.

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