San Fernando Valley Sober Living for Men and Women

Home should be a safe place. Its where you go when you need to escape the rush and stress of the outside world, when you want to unwind or be surrounded by people who care about you. The idea of home evokes feelings of comfort, warmth and relief.

In addiction recovery, it is especially important that your home provides this sense of stability and ease. You need a place you can go that will always be a sober and supportive environment — after a long or difficult day, when life gets stressful or whenever you feel close to relapse, home should be protected from temptation and filled with people who are ready to provide help and encouragement.

If you have been living in a place that does not provide an environment like this, sober living at A Step in the Right Direction can change that. Here, residents share their experiences, their strength and their hope with each other and empower one another in recovery. Our sober living homes are warm, inviting, pet-friendly and community-oriented.


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A Step in the Right Direction offers beautiful Los Angeles sober living homes located in safe, upscale neighborhoods. Check out our homes below.

Women’s Sober Living

Our sober living home for women opened its doors to women seeking support and recovery in 2000. We offer a sober, tranquil, supportive and structured sober living environment for women to rebuild their lives. Our home is spacious, modern, and pet-friendly.

Men’s Sober Living

The men’s sober living home is brand new and provides a safe, clean, and supportive living space for men who are serious about their recovery. Peer to peer support increases the odds that our residents stay clean and sober long term. Our home is spacious, modern, and pet-friendly.

Learn About Addiction

We care about our guests and their recovery journey. The following articles will help provide information about that process and how to live a healthy, successful life in long-term recovery.

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The staff at A Step In The Right Direction seeks to provide quality living at our sober living homes. Read what people are saying about us!

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Women’s Home: Northridge
Men’s Home: Winnetka