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Celebrating 20 Years of Helping People Recover

Los Angeles sober living for men and women in Southern California's San Fernando Valley.

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Premiere Luxury Los Angeles Sober Living in the San Fernando Valley

A Step in the Right Direction provides comfortable, compassionate, and luxurious sober living homes for men and women in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Established over 20 years ago, A Step in the Right Direction has been a leader in helping shape and develop Los Angeles’ sober living home community. Here, residents share their experience, strength and hope with each other to empower one another in recovery. Our sober living homes are warm, inviting, and community-oriented.

An open invitation is always waiting for you to come and see how A Step In The Right Direction has changed the San Fernando Valley sober living model. Contact us today to schedule a tour and reserve your place!


20+ Years

A Step in the Right Direction is one of Los Angeles’ first sober living homes and has been a leader in helping to shape and develop the sober living community.


A Community

More than just a sober living home, A Step in the Right Direction is a community of people who support each other through the challenges of early recovery.


Pet Friendly

Don’t leave your furry family member behind! A Step in the Right Direction is pet friendly and welcomes guests on two legs or four (breed and size restrictions may apply).

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Learn About Addiction

We care about our guests and their recovery journey. The following articles will help provide information about that process and how to live a healthy, successful life in long-term recovery.

Many adults struggle with mental illness in the workplace but are not sure how to share this with their bosses. Mental health issues still come with stigma and challenges associated with sharing it widely with family and loved ones. When it comes to sharing the struggle, there are some tips to make it a more...

A loved one can struggle with both mental health issues and addiction at the same time. This is known as a co-occurring disorder. There are many reasons a loved one will refuse treatment or support. Having bipolar disorder causes depression and mania. Without properly managed psychologically or psychiatric care, they are not likely to trust...

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be a tough diagnosis to have for people who struggle with the symptoms. They often turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of coping. People with BPD have a perceived rejection or failure that triggers lasting states of depression, anger, or anxiety. They may be difficult to be around,...

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The staff at A Step In The Right Direction seeks to provide quality living at our sober living homes. Read what people are saying about us!

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