Things to Consider When Looking for a Sober Living Home in California

California is home to the largest number of addiction treatment and recovery programs in the country. That includes sober living homes. In 2019, it was estimated that there were 2,250 sober living homes in California. That number has continued to grow. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right sober living in California.


Why Sober Living is the Key to Long-term Sobriety


    • Sober Living Homes offer a safe and structured setting with minimal distractions to focus on learning a new way of life free of drugs and alcohol.
    • Sober Livings build a sense of community, fostering healing and a connection that motivates you to stay sober with one another.
    • Relapse is a common roadblock to recovery, particularly in the first year. Sober living homes play an important role in relapse prevention by offering a clean & sober environment and a supportive setting.
    • Most sober livings require participation in local recovery support programs. These programs enrich and strengthen your sobriety and provide tools to build a foundation for long-term sobriety.



Choosing the Right Sober Living Home in California

California is an ideal place to get sober, with a thriving recovery community offering a wide array of recovery support programs such as:

  • 12 Step Meetings
  • SMART Recovery
  • Refuge Recovery
  • Trauma Focused Recovery
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

There are also a number of good Intensive Outpatient Programs to choose from.

Here are ten points to consider when selecting the right sober living home in California:

  1. Established – Is the sober living well established? How many years have they been operating? Are they accredited? Do they have a good reputation in the recovery community?
  2. Location –. Does the location offer the recovery support groups you are interested in nearby? Are there ample employment and career opportunities in the area? If you are unable to drive, is there access to public transportation within walking distance?
  3. Levels of Support  – Understanding the level of support provided by the sober living home is essential when selecting the right sober living. Be clear about what your needs are.
  4. Peer Support: One of the major benefits of sober living is community support. Seek a sober living that fosters a positive and supportive setting that welcomes newcomers. See if you can speak with some of the guests to get a sense of what the community there is like.
  5. Staffing – The staff in a sober living home plays a significant role in how smoothly the sober living runs and the level of support that is available. Be sure that the staff is trained and that they are available in reasonable time frames.
  6. Amenities – Sober living homes provide various types of amenities. What kind of amenities are essential to your recovery and your sense of home? List what’s important to you and compare your list to the sober livings you are interested in.
  7. House Rules –  Every sober living home has its own house rules. These rules can include curfews, friend & family visiting times, overnight policies, mandatory drug & alcohol testing, and participation in recovery support programs. Make sure the house rules align with your recovery objectives.
  8. Cost – Cost is an essential factor, particularly with a long-term stay in mind. Evaluate the fees along with the services and amenities offered.
  9. Reviews and Testimonials – Take a realistic look at the sober living home reviews to provide insight into what it is like living in each of the sober living homes and some of the difficulties you might face as you make your final decision.
  10. Gender-Specific –  Think about whether or not you would like coed or gender-specific sober living and what would be the best decision for your recovery journey. You might do some research on this topic.


Selecting the right sober living home in California is a significant step in your journey to recovery. Take the time to do research and tour a few facilities before making your final decision. Everyone’s recovery journey is unique, so select a sober living home that aligns with your needs and recovery goals. 

Your sober living community awaits you!


Steps in the Right Direction

Steps in the Right Direction provides luxurious sober living homes in California for women and men within a safe and healing community designed for you to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Our homes are well-established, with over 23 years of experience helping individuals rebuild meaningful lives free from drug and alcohol abuse. For over two decades, we have been considered a leader at the forefront of sober living in Los Angeles, California.

Connect with us to schedule a tour and to talk about your sober living goals. Contact Linda Butler at (818) 231-1400.


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